This is a page to collect any good ideas and resources shared at the SEND Computing Conference at the National STEM Centre in York, December 2015. You can also read a blog post about it here.

Bright ideas picked up at SEN Computing 2015 (please contribute more)

- Ian Bean offered access to his resources pages (you will need the password given out on the day) - or the Facebook account he and Carol Allen share: Creative Computing for ALL Students

- Ian also showed us the “Ban dihydrogen monoxide” site to demonstrate the need to discriminate around information online:

- Wikihow has sequencing activities – have a look at

Online coding activities: - story driven problem solving. - Hour of Code tutorials, using Frozen, Star Wars and Minecraft characters.

Programming Apps (there a quite a few – feel free to add more)





Daisy the Dinosaur




Logo Draw

Toy Block 2



Move the Turtle

Ideas for programming:

- has resources for Scratch Activities designed for SEN.

- This site also has esafety resources. Contact Sue Finnigan for more.

- - lessons with a Probot - mainly drawing.

- Or - mainly sensors

(Probot uses Logo as basis for programming)

- - step-by-step Scratch activities

- Kodu – free download from Microsoft

- – BBC micro:bit compatible

- Register for microbits

(See handout for more programming urls.)