This year, I have been delivering the OCR Entry Level Computing qualification to students at my school. The students are 16-19 and have literacy levels ranging from NC L1-L3. This page aims to share some of the resources that I have developed for the course and will be updated over the year. If you want further information please contact me via this wiki or on the following email -


Hardware -

Link to Medium Term Plan focusing on the Hardware unit of the qualification.

Below are links to resources and PowerPoints that I have used this year -

Lesson 1 - Introduction/ Hardware and Software

Lesson 2 - Inputs and Outputs

Lesson 3 - Keyboard

Lesson 4 - Mouse

Lesson 5 - Storage Devices - credit to Phil Gardner for the Inputs, Outputs and Storage Devices worksheet which is available from the CAS website as well -

Lesson 6 - Motherboard

Lesson 7 - Internal Components

Lesson 8 - Recap and practice test


Link to the medium term plan focusing on the the software unit of the qualification,.

Lesson 1 - Operating Systems

Lesson 2 - Application Software

Lesson 3 - Application Software - Purpose

Lesson 4 - Utility Software - Disk Organisation

Lesson 5 - Utility Software

Lesson 6 - Recap

credit to Computer Science Unplugged for their ideas and worksheet which have been adapted to use with SEN students. Visit their websitefor more great ideas -

Link to medium term plan for the Logic unit of the qualification

Lesson 1 - Binary Numbers

Lesson 2 - Binary Numbers - Denary to Binary

Lesson 4 - Logic Gates

Lesson 5 - Recap

Programming Coursework
We worked with Scratch for the coursework and did a series of lessons covering the skills they needed to be able to demonstrate for the coursework. Below is the workbook that the students used to guide them through the coursework.

Trends in Computing Coursework
Again I have attached the workbook that I used to help guide students with the coursework.